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BromleyBromley is a London district, located in the south-east part of the city, within the London Borough of Bromley. Historywise, Bromley was both an ancient parish, situated within the county of Kent and a market town, which was charted ever since 1158. The district managed to quickly grow and prosper, due to its unique location on a coaching route. Further prosperity, growth and expansion followed, with the opening of Bromley's first railway station, back in 1858. Along with the growth and expansion of London during the 20th century, Bromley managed to increase its population and was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1903. Later, in 1965, it went on to become a part of the Greater London district.

Since the expansion of the district, its main agrarian nature shifted to commerce and retail, allowing it to develop a multitude of commercial and retail districts outside of the central London area, which have largely become regionally significant. Bromley is well connected to the rest of London, thanks to its railway stations - Bromley South and Bromley North. One of Bromley's most notable features are its many theatrical venues, which house worldwide renown performances, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.